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That is funny Rude !!

If I ever catch a big fish again, not only am I going to hide the spot, but hide my identity too!!  ;D

Thanks to everyone that came out in another Gale force wind Wednesday.

Airfob and I decided to go for it, and make the long run to the Briar Cliff area.

Started off OK with a keeper. Then, it looked like I had winner on the end off the line, taking drag, head shake, pole bender, on a MegaBass crank !!

The excitement was short lived when a 5 lb drum came  up.  :-[

While drifting during the battle another nice keeper picked up Fob's senko. However, it was deep hooked and died pretty quick.

It all went downhill after that for us. Fish were just not in our spot. We decided to make a move, and my cranking batt took a dump.

Got it started right away by jumping from one of the others, but in a 36 v system, we knew that was going to be a problem all night.

Ended up just goofing around, and then heading in.

Still had a real good time as always.

Will see ya'll on Sat at Belton !!!

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