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Thanks to all that came out, Miles and Wayne took first and Big Bass with nearly 15 lbs on a tough and windy evening!

Robby and Booker had another solid sack and took second with 11+ lbs, Dan and Kyle were the only other team in double digits and took home third...congrats to all the guys in the money!

Here are some G rated pics from this evening

Larry with a nice Travis fish

Team TOZ with their second place sack

Miles and Wayne with the winning stringer

There were a lot more pics taken and some of them are freakin HILLARIOUS and a bit risque. Let's just say one of the anglers chose to fish the T in a bikini...and it was not EA!

Oh well, you just had to be there. Back in the day those pics would be up in a heartbeat but the family oriented and kid friendly side of me knows I hate the new me.

Good times as always guys!

Be sure to check back tomorrow evening for an update, I always cab it downtown Thurs nights and should be in the correct state of mind to post the rest of the pics when I get back at 3 am :p

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Very good times indeed.  Good job Fob and EA...
It was nice to catch up with a bunch of friends for some Wednesday night fishing and shooting the breeze.

There's no dress code requirement for the tournaments so one of the anglers chose to wear female atire more commonly found at neighborhood pools. She seemed to be having a very good time.

Like fob said, you had to be there...

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Yep, just a tad windy out there. :eek:

Was good to see everybody. I am amazed at how much better Travis is getting. We were talking last night about how 9 pounds would win these things a few years ago, but now it is taking 14-16 to win.....nice!

Congrats to Miles and Wayne for a nice sack!

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That is funny Rude !!

If I ever catch a big fish again, not only am I going to hide the spot, but hide my identity too!!  ;D

Thanks to everyone that came out in another Gale force wind Wednesday.

Airfob and I decided to go for it, and make the long run to the Briar Cliff area.

Started off OK with a keeper. Then, it looked like I had winner on the end off the line, taking drag, head shake, pole bender, on a MegaBass crank !!

The excitement was short lived when a 5 lb drum came  up.  :-[

While drifting during the battle another nice keeper picked up Fob's senko. However, it was deep hooked and died pretty quick.

It all went downhill after that for us. Fish were just not in our spot. We decided to make a move, and my cranking batt took a dump.

Got it started right away by jumping from one of the others, but in a 36 v system, we knew that was going to be a problem all night.

Ended up just goofing around, and then heading in.

Still had a real good time as always.

Will see ya'll on Sat at Belton !!!


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Good report as always. The pictures always add a nice touch. Win or Lose the ABF tournaments are the most fun for me. Great group of people to socialize with. AIRFOB and EA do a great job. Sorry to hear about your boat problems. My problem was the wind but if it wasn't there then it would have been the heat. In either event I would have still been there. Congratulations to the winners. See you next Wed. Good fishing to all.
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