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Paul and Jack took home the big money, that's back to back wins for Paul on Travis.  If he wins another jackpot we'll have to start reporting his earnings to the IRS.

Shane/Tony and Trey/Brad took second and third respectively and Miles/Wayne took home the Geneva/Kinami/Yamamoto tackle pack.

Mike fished solo and got to keep the Big Bass money all to himself!

Great turnout tonight guys, thanks for showing up to yet another windy evening...good times as always and congrats to all the money winners!

SPECIAL THANKS to Larry Pederzani (Swimbait's Dad) for hooking ABF up with a new weigh station, killer set up that made weigh in so much easier and smoother.

See you guys next week on Austin.

The weigh in line

And more of th weigh in line

Weighing in.

Thanks to Larry for the killer weigh-in table.  Nice!
Is that Alan?  On lake Travis....   Someone call Keye news

Andy calculating the results... and the winner is......

Good times hanging with the crew.

Robby and Cody from the TOZ team chilling out with the crew.


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Thanks Andy and Larry for covering me while I am overseas, and special thanks to Larry for helping us with the new ABF wind screen ! That will help us weigh in so much faster!

Great turnout too! I am not sure what is up with windy wednesdays, but it will change soon !

Congrats to the winners!

See everyone on LA next week!


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Thanks to Andy and Larry for running the Travis Wednesday nighter and hats off to Larry for the weigh-in stand.  Very nice!!!

I had a good time fishing with the Ninja.  We caught a limit of just travis specials but couldn't get the big bite.  Good times fishing with DY and definitely a treat to watch his ninja skills on the boat. Cat like tip toeing around the outside on the wet top cap, catching head lamps as they plunge off the sides, etc etc...  impressive.

And as always good to meet some guys from the board. Finally got to meet Miles and quite a few others.

Tight lines everyone!


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Yeah awesome turn out guys!

Wish I could say we were on the fish but it was tough for us. We managed 2 keeps and a bunch of shorts. It was windy as all get out!

Wanted to give a special thanks to Larry (Swimbaits Dad) that was an awesome thing he did for the ABF tournaments and helps us out alot. So Thanks again.

Great to see everyone last night!

Take Care

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Yeah, good times. Thanks Swimmy Sr. for the hookup. Did someone get wet? :D It was fun bunny hopping all the way down the lake.

I didn't think I'd be as impressed as I was with the new Magnesium Kistler I won at FOM but it's one sweet rod. A little more backbone though would be nice since I lost one about 2.5 trying to swing it in. Not use to such finesse gear. :(
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