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Wanted to get a idea of how many people have confirmed thier trip to Amistad.

We are going to begin to work up the details of the Tourney, and the ABF after T party. So kinda need to know who we got. This will NOT be a open T. You must register before the cut off to be in. Just FYI. ( if you are not on this list, you are not in the T )

I will adjust the list after you weight in.

1. EA - AirFob
2. HHJ - ( Misses or BAM )
3. RudeHo - 518Svx
4. SkeeterMark - ?
5. Shakeyhead - Dad
6. Swimmy - FishGod
7. Grnhead - Bro
8. Rambler - Champ
9. Davec - Wifey  

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In regards to the HHJ Lake Amistad T. EDM has pointed out one thing I did not know. That a tourney that exceeds 10 boats requires a permit.

Thanks EDM for letting me know!

In this case, we have one spot left in order to have our T without a permit. I would rather not jump through the hoops for this.

There has been plently of time to say you are in, so I say we will close the T list at 10 boats.

Of course, anyone is welcome to come down and rally with us, but for the little T we will have, it is about to be closed. ( It is all about fun anyway and not money. )


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!Here are the rules about 10+ boats or more:

Some of the rules are:
Permits:A special use permit will be required when any fishing tournament exceeds ten (10) boats. The application for special use permits must be received by the park at least 72 hours before and no earlier than 12 months in advance of the tournament start date. A permit processing fee of $25.00 must be submitted with the application. Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis, and a permit or other response will be given by park within one week after receipt. The addresses for the application are as follows:

Written:    Amistad National Recreation Area
                 Attn: Ranger Activities
                 4121 Veterans Blvd.
                 Del Rio, Texas 78840

Phone: (830) 775-7492
Fax:    (830) 775-7299

For tournaments less than 10 boats:
For fishing tournaments of ten(10) boats or less, the tournament director/organizer shall notify the park by phone at (830) 775-7492 x 202 at least 72 hours before the tournament date. The notice should include the following:

Tournament name
Organizer/director name and phone number
Launch and weigh-in dates, times, and locations
Number of participants
number of boats.
Exceptions: Certain unexpected conditions may occur at the lake that could affect a fishing tournament. These conditions could include: significant changes in lake level, adverse fisheries impacts, public safety problems, or other major problems. These conditions must be considered by park managers, realizing a necessary decision to modify permit conditions could impact tournament schedules. Recognizing the potential impact on fishing tournaments, the park superintendent will make a decision only after working closely with the tournament director/organizer and the Del Rio Chamber of Commerce Lake Committee. Any decision will be made as soon as possible and with the intent to minimize or eliminate any adverse impacts.
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