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Well my Dad and I got a rare day off from the body shop and decided to head to Bastrop for the day. We started around 7:00. We fished shallow with various plastics doing well until 10:00 when the shallow bite died for quality bites although we were still catching small ones. We decided to hunt out some deeper water (10-20ft) and thats where they were. Fished alot of points,humps and channels with c-rigs and ended the day with around 35 fish up to 5 and a half pounds. This was the second time taking my Dad out in a week and he had a great time. I love taking someone that doesnt get to go often and put them on alot of fish.

4lbs 3oz

Dads 4lber

5lbs 3oz

And the biggun of the day 5lbs 8oz

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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