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a friend of mine just bought a brand new Key West boat and he also has a 15FT Skeeter boat too, in this skeeter He told me that he spent too much money on this rig to make sure everything is working right and safe when he's on the water, so the money that he spent for this boat was: fixed the trailer, change new tire (both), rebuilt the engine (engine just rebuilt last week),
so he wants me to help him to sale this boat, the boat came with a 90HP Evinrude, a trolling Motor guide Hyper magnum 52lb of thrust,
New tag til 2011, Lisence place good til June 2010, this rig is ready to fish..
and here are some photos that I took for him when he and I took a test drive at Decker right after the engine was rebuilt...

Thanks for looking
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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