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6/2/22 bassackwards...

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Water Cloud Sky Atmosphere Lake

Wake me up! (you can sorta see my wake in the light area on the surface...)

gate to swim beach still closed. hit the ramp area. coupla strikes. kept inching towards sandy point beyond swim beach, with rock pile my final destination, but sandy point had a bunch of activity on top, so i threw the sb77 at 'em. no, really. i was throwing a topwater the whole time!
in about an hour and 15min, i had 27 strikes, 4 landed, including a real dumbbass, and 3 runaways. it was awesome!

also awesome was the trash certain people leave behind...

Tints and shades Grass Automotive exterior Plastic Carmine

These didn't fit me, so left em...
Plant Flower Petal Road surface Asphalt

the dumbbass below needs to learn which end to use! he's got it bassackwards...

Plant Fish Terrestrial plant Beak Twig

Chairs are still there...

Water Sky Cloud Plant Light

hit la machacoan for breakfast. decided to hit PF. rain along the way, and spent 45min in pkg lot waiting for weather to clear.
1.5hrs of casting...and one tiny attack to show for it...heck...

did make a new friend...

Plant Terrestrial plant Grass Twig Grass family

and the plants looked nice in the sun...

Soft flag Plant bulrush Terrestrial plant Grass

And the ants were eating nice in the sun...

Plant Twig Terrestrial plant Grass Grass family
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