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Hi guys, another late report here, will make this one short and to the point. I always intend to get an updated report out and then get distracted with other things (this week was getting my FF/Battery setup going for the yak). Met up with @jc34 for an early AM decker launch, I will just report on how my outing was. We started at the peninsula on the west side at gray light and started marking fish right away with an occasional fish breaking the surface but the light breeze was blowing towards the bank and gave us kind of an awkward angle to bring our baits in. We decided to make a move across the channel to the west most bank for a little protection and were greeted with fish boiling at the mouth of the first cove. They were obviously schooled up on shad balls and with the low light conditions apt to get all the way out of the water for food. I tried a couple usual suspect topwater lures and couldn't pull them off the shad, I switched to a BPS double down plopper and started getting some strikes. They must've really wanted that extra splash and noise, I had a couple misses and then got a nice 3.7lb slob to the boat in short order.

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We started throwing frogs, without much to show for it. Jc netted a sickly fish that just sort of sat there in the thick of the mats, we weighed it at 5.6lbs but the stomach was hollow almost like a deflated balloon, it looked to be a good 7-8lb fish if it was healthy and had some meat on it. We wound up running into @Jeremy and his partner Todd shortly after, we swapped stories and discord about the morning and headed off in different directions (he got a TR fish and I got a micro swimbait fish after setting off a short ways from each other, maybe some ABF juju in the air for these ones 😝). The bite kind of died down as the morning went on, I'd been itching to catch a hybrid out of Decker and read they were working shad in the 15-25ft range. I moved offshore a little further and started metering schools of bait in that 25ft range and could see "lines" going through the bait clouds on the graph. I tried a jigging spoon for no love, I switched to my finesse 6lb spinning outfit with the 2.8 keitech micro swimbait shortly after. I'm not even exactly sure what technique I did as I was sort of spacing out but I think I was just lifting the bait and letting it fall back down. I got a steady thump! and it was on, drag peeling like crazy. I knew it wasn't a greenbass, after a few runs I got it boatside and landed my first hybrid ever at a barely legal 19". I don't fish for table fare often but I'd heard these were excellent fillets and decided to keep it to try it out. Turns out it was fantastic eating with a simple recipe (pan fried in olive oil with garlic powder, salt, pepper and chili powder). We worked the area near the launch for a little longer and called it a day. Fun outing of fishing with a surprise guest at the end.

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