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5/25 Decker - 5/28 LBL

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Hey guys, sorry for the late report didn't get around to posting these yet, and with the wife out of town this past weekend I had the little dude so I couldn't take the yak out fishing (although I did take him to a neighborhood pond and we caught a couple 5" gills :D). So I figured I would catch up on my reports by posting some from 1-1.5 weeks back.

5/25 Decker
So not last Weds but the previous I set out for Decker after work. I hadn't tried DS there yet so I started with a dropshot robo on 6lb. I missed a take right away and then had no bites until I hit a cove I had luck at previously. I was about 15 feet off the tules and got a nice decker slot without feeling the bite, a tad over 2. Nothing else on the robo, but the sun was starting to set to I pulled out the ol cotton candy bull rat and started getting bit right away. First one on the rat was a solid 4.5, and hit it while deadsticking. I continued to repeat the same pattern, cast it to obvious high percentage areas and dead stick it. This rat has a really subtle slither in the water before you even start moving the bait, it sort of uncurls or unwinds from the impact of the water working with the double jointed resin wake bait. I wanted to fish the shellcracker wake but they were cracked out on the rat, every couple casts had a blow up and I ticked 7 or 8 in my 3 hour binge, only the one standout fish with the rest that solid decker 1.5-2.5 lbs. Every fish hit before I even moved the bait, was a really fun bite.

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5/28 LBL
The wife wanted to fish memorial day weekend. I thought we were both crazy agreeing to go, but I figured maybe if we went on Saturday we could beat majority of the crowds. Besides, maybe the reverse psychology method would work, where people would think its too busy to go so we could just go. Well that wasn't the case, it was jam packed but we made it work. We rented my wife an old town topwater PDL 106 from the rowing dock at about 3p, the goal was to fish finesse. My wife is new to bass fishing and I'm teaching her the basics, small plastics slow rolled on light line. We primarily fished senkos, dropshot robos and weedless jig headed 2.8 keitechs. Our total by the end was over 10 fish, my wife got a couple so I was happy about that. The standout fish was a hard fighting 3.6lb largie I got on the bass pro version of a megabass dark sleeper, the smallest size. It was the best fight i'd had in a while as I caught it on my 1000 size spinning reel with a 6lb flouro leader. The fish bit on the way to the bottom and I knew when I set the hook it was a good one. It gave us a show with a jump about 2-3 feet out of the water. I saw my wife's jaw drop and she started hooting and hollering. I think that alone showed her why I'm so crazy about this recreation. The wife got a good shot of me with my whole rig, happy to have a new profile style pic from a 3rd person view.

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