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so...i arrive at the gate house at 5:48, and the gate is already up! outstanding! i wonder what time they're opening it??? gonna try for 5:30 tomorrow. coupla days ago i saw a boat put in at 5:42 from hogg. would be nice!

took a few casts before i got slammed. that was's getting to where i expect SOMETHING on the 1st cast, lol... throwing the 105 all morning (actually, 3 hours) i managed 18 blowups and 7 caught. (all 7 probably added up to a pound, lol) from 6 til 7 they were shaking and baking. then...i'll wait while you formulate a died off completely, as usual. i hate that. practiced casting all around, but not much happening. the water turned to glass, which is not necessarily great for topwaters. split around 8:30 and hit cedar breaks cuz academy opens at 9. spent an hour practicing there as well. then hit academy for more bladed hybrid trebles to put on that sebile puncher (the only lure i bring) that isnt a topwater. got a coupla packs of #4's, and hit recuerdos for a chorizo plate (always get the chorizo on the side, people! dont let em scramble it into the eggs!)

my other 105's are now scheduled for a tomorrow delivery, dang it...the anticipation is torture...

did see some unusual items for the lost and found, and 2 unusual birds. actually, not very unusual, since GT is known for it's xlnt trash. just ask the buzzards...
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