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Presents Its 40th Annual “BASS-O-REE”

Sunday, March 22, 2009
6:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.
Weigh-in Site at Pace Bend Park-Tournament Point
2-Person Team (5 fish limit)
$100.00 Team Entry Fee

(1st Place Donated By South Austin Marine and Skeeter Boats)
1st     $4,000.00
2nd    $1,100.00
3rd     $800.00
4th     $650.00
5th     $500.00
6th     $425.00
7th     $350.00
8th     $300.00
9th     $225.00
10th   $200.00
(2nd thru 10th place based on 100-teams)
(Additional places paid for every 10-teams over 100)

* Go for a Demo ride with the Skeeter Demo Team and be eligible for $1000.00 drawing with paid entry at the weigh-in!  Demo rides will be held on Saturday, March 21st from 9 AM to 5 PM at CARLOS’N CHARLIE’S. *

1st Big Bass   $500.00
2nd Big Bass  $250.00
3rd Big Bass   $100.00

Plus Raffle Drawings for Merchandise and Prizes

FOR INFORMATION CONTACT: Phil Warren (512) 658-5054

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Hey guys, listen up, there's a few items I've been asked to post about the tourney.

Due to Sportsmen's Warehouse closing they are no longer taking entries.   If you are north take it by Jackie's(Fish Finders Marine) or if south by South Austin Marine.  

Entries can also be mailed.  The deadline for mail-in is the 17th, so be sure to get a postmark if you want to prove you sent it before the deadline.

Also, the weigh-in site is actually Mesquite Point which is right beside Tournament Point.  If you show up at Tournament Point you'll see it.  It's due to Mesquite Point having better boat beaching when the lake is this low.

If anyone hasn't found any entries they can be gotten online at  capitalbassclub .com

Tim Spencer
Capital Bass Club

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Justin, This is a great tourney to fish. This event usually draws a huge crowd. The first one I fished many years ago had something like 241 entry's if memory serves me well.  Me and the fireman will be there.


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In the past they have accepted registrations at Pace Bend Park. I'm not sure they will be doing that this year. But I don't see why not.
To be sure, CONTACT: Phil Warren (512) 658-5054

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A guy who had never fished LT in his life won with Cranks and Senkos. lol. Think he had around 22lbs.

Randy (Bass N Tx) and I where out there today. We ended up in 12th place out of 115 teams, with 5 keepers weighing a little over 15lbs. We had some really nice fat fish, only one 2lber rest where way above that.

Sucks, first thing, I lost a 7. The treble hooks just came loose somehow... I almost ripped his head off when I set the hook too. Woulda taken big bass, and put us in the money. We where out of the money by Ounces.

Oh well. Not bad for my first T. It was awesome, and exciting knowing we weren't doing bad. And am looking forward to next year.

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That was me.  We had 21.33lbs.

Yes, it was our first time on the lake, but we quiclky figured out if fishes exactly like Canyon lake which we have fished several times.  
Travis is a beautiful lake!  Really enjoyed fishing it.

2nd place was 19 and change and 3rd place was 17lbs and change.
Big bass was 6.99lbs
We got 3rd big bass with a 6.48. We caught her to early.

We talked with the 2 teams that finished 2nd and the team that had big bass, and we all fished pretty much the same way.

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(TOP 20)
Place Team 1 Team 2                        Total
1 Shawn Tamez Chad McNiel                  21.33
2 Troy Jenkins   Todd Parson                  19.19
3 Chad Maxwell Nick Boatright                19.1
4 Leonard Philipp   J.R. Bryant          17.42
5 Randy Grounds   Larry Owen               17.3
6 Todd Osborn   KC Tibbs                 17.11
7 Michael Contrenas   Louis Serrano 17.05
8 Scott Stagner Dan Ross                 16.19
9 Joe Sierra   Jason Galino                       16
10 Michael Waldrop   Jack Waldrop, Sr.    15.72
11 Mickey Sanders   Andy Strawn            15.66
12 Brian Crawford   Kevin Overstreet 15.66
13 Jim Conrad Terry Hall                    15.32
14 David Fogle   Randy Frederick             15.03
15 Steve Magnelia   Flint Fisher               14.95
16 Steven Hyatt   Lloyd Ward                  14.78
17 Kirk Armstrong   Tom Paver           14.22
18 Patrick Anderson   Jerry Johnson  14.14
19 Andy Whitehead Kenneth Wood  13.96
20 Gerald Mueller Jr.   Devon Mueller Jr     13.9
Big Bass - 6.96 (Kirk Armstrong and Tom Paver)
118 Teams
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