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My routine on a day I plan to fish is to have my coffee and check the weather forecast and verify my game plan. This morning the South 5-10 had changed to crappy Northeast. I made a new game plan and looked at my log and found out I had some decent North wind trips in the past. I saw the wind would switch before I got to the lake so I was mentally prepared for that. Some were leaving when I was launching. Throughout the morning there was a parade of boats coming and going. There were only a few of us left at 5:00. It was blowing 14 when I got there. First cast at 10:04 and caught a 3-6 on the 2.8 right away. Photo says 10:16. Got several bumps and grabs on the 2.8 so threw the Baby Z Too and still got some grabs but started catching too. The fish were in a funny mood it seems. One nice fish hit it twice before getting it on the third cast. Fought the wind all day. All fish except the first one were caught while on spot lock. I fished where I could and worked slowly making several casts to an area. I kept catching and had 10 fish by 12:30 topped by a 4-13. After lunch I went to a bank that had been fished by two boats that morning and caught a good one right away. Caught a small fish in a shallow bay on the 2.8 and had lots of grabs. After lunch I was cold. Had to pull out a rain jacket I carry for someone who may need it and it made me warm again. My rain suit is in the house needing a new waterproof treatment. I was just trying to fish where the wind would let me. One of the best areas of the day is adjacent to one of my best areas during the spawn at normal lake level. The stickups they spawned in are high and dry. I was glad to see they were spawning at the new lake level. I was in the zone as they say and I caught fish all day. Called last cast at 4:45 and made a couple more for good measure because the clicker read 22. I had #23 on but it pulled off. I used my fancy scale to find I caught four over 3 lbs not including the 4-13. Most of the rest of my fish were around 2 lbs. The full moon definitely brought a wave. I should mention that a least 10 times I had a fish that I felt too late because of the big bow in my line and all I got was a balled up bait. So clicked 22. Two on the 2.8 Keitech on a 3/16 grass head and the rest on the Baby Z Too on a 1/8 grass head. Water was 61º-63º. The past three days have been awesome. I'm fishing as if it were my last Spring because it could be. Grateful for my catches.
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