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Last week hooked the largest LMB at Marble Falls, so I went back this morning .... here is my report

Lake is immitating Lake Austin lol

Sunday March 8. 2009
Overcast sky, warm weather

I fished fast and I fished slow
Wind was ok, didn't hardly blow

I fished shallow, I fished deep
but, all the fishes were sound asleep

Fished swimbaits, worms and jigs
wouldda got more meat shooting pigs

Fished the banks, fished the pass
wadefished a bit, up to my...knees

Fished 5 hours, but I smell like skunk
Went home tired and crawled into my bunk

On the way home, met 2 kayakers who had gone up 1431, caught shad, and over the weekend landed 11 whites and 6 LMB to 6 lbs, in a hole in Travis, below MF dam
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