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For anyone that fishes south. Dunlap is a far cry from what I heard it once was, or at least for me. Days of 30lb sacks are over?

Fished Dunlap from 11-5:00. It was pretty much my typical day on Dunlap except this time I could not get bit on spinnerbaits or chatterbait. Thats shocking! Picked up about 12 fish or so with best 5 going a whopping 7lbs maybe! Did catch 1 decent small mouth. Maybe a pound and a half.
Bound and determined my last 2 trips to get on a crankbait bite and still no fish. Had to resort to shakey heads and dropshot to get bit. No real pattern. Pretty much just pulled along a bank and picked up one here and one there.
Anyone ever fish that lake? Anyone ever catch anything worth taking a picture of?
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