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Looking at the weather forecast I saw that my fishing time might be limited this week. I had an appt. in Austin so had lunch at home and got a very late start. I also wanted to see if I could catch a fish in these brutal conditions of bluebird and northeast wind gusting to 20 mph. First cast at 2:25. That wind was cold so started out with two layers and then went to three. First fish was at 2:35 and second was at 2:39. Was encouraged by that. I was fishing into the teeth of the wind and always had a bow in the line. I started counting the hits I had that ended up in just a balled up bait, but gave up after a while. I had way over 20 on the day. The bow in the line was the cause of some not hooking up but the other reason was they weren't eating the bait, just grabbing it to make it get away. I continued to plug away and caught one here and there. There was a benefit to the bluebird sky. It allowed me to see the points and outcroppings where the fish were spawning. Called last cast at 6:33. Clicked 16 and was glad to get them. All were caught on a Zman StreakZ on an 1/8 oz. weedless grass head. The StreakZ is identical to the Baby Z Too. I think Zman makes them for Strike King. Water was 62º-63º. Lots of boats and a few jet fleas.
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