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Well i Wasnt able to get a backseat for the tournament tonight :'(. So I took up Doyne's offer to take my son and I out this morning on LA. I hope the guys fishing in the tournament have better luck. No HOGG's to show off this time. Caught 4 small LMB between the 3 of us.
3 of which were keepers. Maybe 6 lbs total. Largest was about 2.5 lbs.
We did have alot of fun though which is all that counts.
3 of the fish were caught using TR Senkos and the largest was caught on a finesse worm. All were in 4ft or less of water.
The water temps ran 56 - 58.
My son who is visiting from college did catch one and had a great time. That is what is important.
Jim ;D
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