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Logged 67 trips in 2022 and caught 1192 fish. Best trip was a 49 bass day at Belton in May. Worst was my only skunk at Georgetown in February. Here’s the breakdown:

Georgetown 42 trips 740 fish 17.6 avg fish per trip

Belton 16 trips 369 fish 23 avg fish per trip

Stillhouse 8 trips 68 fish 8.5 avg fish per trip

Bastrop 1 trip 12 fish 12 avg fish per trip

Planning on hitting it hard in 2023. Happy New Year everyone!

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Champion ABF’r of the year goes to….Longhorn! I agree with welder, amazing catch numbers. You nearly doubled your number from last year (2021 Fishing Report Totals.) Congrats on all your successful trips.

I’m afraid I went the other way and performed poorly this year, especially compared to last year. I gotta up my game and get my mojo back. Today’s grind at the Bird better not be an indicator. I guess I’m getting to the lake too early???
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