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Probably not going to the lake again this year so took a look at my fishing log and tallied the numbers. Made 46 trips this year, kinda low for me but had a hip replacement that kept me from fishing for a while. In the 46 trips I (and my partners) caught 635 fish. I had one skunk at Belton right after our deep freeze when the water temp dropped 7º.
Here are the numbers:
Lake Georgetown 26 trips 383 fish 14.97 avg
Lake Belton 7.5 85 11.3
Stillhouse 11.5 157 13.65
Bastrop 1 10 10
Georgetown wins for numbers again this year. That big school of fish I happened on this fall put it ahead.

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Some people call Lake Georgetown the "Dead Sea". Not for you. Congratulations on a fine year of fishing! Gary S.

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I really enjoyed checking out your numbers. Today, instead of fishing, fiddling with tackle or going shopping for gear, I decided to review my posts and put together a spreadsheet of my own. I did this in the garage until my fingers froze. I moved inside to the sofa, put a log in the fireplace, turned on the football game and skimmed over the entire year’s 2021 Black Bass Reports.

I did not include incidental non-bass (like cats, crappie, gar, etc.) catches nor did I include ANY fish caught from the bank. However, like you, I did include my partner Todd’s catches because we do fish as a team. I got a nice 9-6 on Christmas Eve and a nice 8-4 back in March. Inbetween, I caught several sevens, sixes and fives, but I did not denote the big’uns in the count. Of course, every short bass is included.

As y’all know, my posts are not reports, but rather, embellished hyperbole. Even so, I extracted some numbers, however non-empirical they may be. These numbers are not nearly as accurate as Longhorn’s, but they can be used to assess the year generally. (FYI, we received a clicker as a Christmas gift and used it at Decker on the day after Christmas.)

I was aboard watercraft 139 days of last year. Some of those trips were shortened by lightning or work to less than an hour, but the vast majority were over five hours. I wish I would have indicated how many of those trips included Todd (mostly in his Stratos), but I think we can safely assume it was around 30. I probably had a family member aboard for at least three or so. That means I fished solo a little over a hundred times.

Of those 139 times:

47 @ Lake Pflugerville
37 @ Decker Lake
26 @ Lady Bird Lake
14 @ “Catch & Release Pond”
8 @ Lake Bastrop
3 @ Comal River
2 @ Fayette County Reservoir
1 @ Canyon Lake
1 @ Stillhouse Hollow Lake

Now for the numbers that we all really care about, and they’re impressive, to me anyway. The grand total for the year is 1600 black bass boated. Yowza, that is a lot of bass. Every fish and I mean ALL 1600 bass were released and swam away healthy. I know for a fact I caught one of these fish twice, so we could say the total was 1599, but 1600 is a better number. I hate to carve out Todd’s contribution. I could go back through and attempt to do it, but at this time I’m going to go ahead and say that 25% of that number was caught by Todd. That is probably close enough. Todd, what do you think? Do you feel as though you caught 400 fish? I’d feel honest about boasting over 1200 bass.

There are some anomalies, February’s Snowpocalypse reduced fishing opportunities in an already short month. I think November’s low trip count is due to my Fall Break trip to the coast and a few skunks. Those two months had only double digit fish counts, but the remaining months counted over a hundred fish. Only the month of May saw over two hundred fish caught. This is the monthly breakdown (as interpreted and conservatively extrapolated from the Black Bass Reports):

Jan: 12 trips for 157 fish
Feb: 8 trips for 97 fish
Mar: 14 trips for 158 fish
Apr: 15 trips for 166 fish
May: 16 trips for 223 fish
Jun: 10 trips for 138 fish
Jul: 14 trips for 118 fish
Aug: 11 trips for 117 fish
Sep: 13 trips for 126 fish
Oct: 10 trips for 127 fish
Nov: 4 trips for 61 fish
Dec: 12 trips for 112 fish

LOL, now only if it were true. Happy New Year!!!

P.S. My New Year’s Resolution for 2022 is to catch a Ten Pound Bass.
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