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2009 Xpress X19

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Due to reading how much fun you guys are having........I have reconsidered and will be keeping my fine Xpress X19 Boat. It is the best riding boat I've ever fished from anyway.

Thank you all ABFF'rs.
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you probably will not regret that idea. good choice. I still wish I wouldn't have let my dad sell his 88 fabuglas fish n ski. great boat very nimble but its gone now ( to mexico). o well my boat is almost done.
brings a tear to my eye. I remember the day I had to put my first boat up for wife says to me, "Honey, you spend too dang much time fishing and I think we are having problems with our marriage..."

A week later, I got an offer...

I divorced her and kept the boat

It was the best offer I ever got.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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