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This fit a 2002 Skeeter ZX250.

Swing Away Tongue With Trailer Brakes

Trailer is considered totaled by insurance company and they do not want it. I am selling to get some salavage value to help with the replacement of another trailer.

I did pull the boat 95 miles right after incident to the house. Checked the hubs after 15 miles and not hot.

One week later pulled the boat on trailer for about 75 miles. No problems.

I would assume both axels are fine due too the miles being pulled but I am not a trailer person nor a mechanic.

Alluminum Wheels - 2 Good Condition, 2 scratched, 1 rim edge bent
Marathon Tires - 2 Good Condition, 1 could be used for spare, 1 is usable (but would not recommned eventhough I drove it the miles mentioned above), 1 (Spare Blown)

Just replaced tags last month so they are good for another year.

I do have pictures of where the trailer is bent and it is not as bad as it sounds or seems. The trailer still pulled straight in my opinion. The mechanic did feel that it could be fixed/straigtened if necessary.

It will be sold as is with no warranty or disclaimers.

Need to sell by Thursday of Next Week.

If interested either email, send me a PM or give me a call, my number is below.

I would like to get $500. The two good tires and wheels are easily $100/each.
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