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Fished there Thursday and Friday, from ~5PM til almost 10.

Thurs: Fished with Ptolemey (great guy), but the fishing sucked. We tried our best o get shad, but couldn't make it happen. And we couldn't get the Hybrids to bite on plastic. Switched over to LMs, for a few minutes, and only managed to boat one. Every Baby Rattlesnake I threw out was getting peppered by, what felt like Piranha! Shyamal was a good sport about it, and didn't balk as we wasted time, futilely jigging for Hybrids, but our fish count was abysmal. Here's the dink LM, from that day...


Friday: Fishing was good. Started off bad, as I couldn't make the shad happen. I did give the hybrids an hour or so to play, on jigs/swimbaits/spoons, but changed over to LM.  So, I  threw Baby Rattlesnakes for a while and got peppered, as I did yesterday.  This time, however, I set the hook on lighter pepper.  And I finally figured out what all that pepper was about.

I got 4-5 of these little guys, some were actually quite big. Still, I have no idea how those little mouths are grabbing those big hooks.

Of course, I got the obligatory dozen or so dink LMs, as well. Most were in the slot, but a couple were just under it. I started keeping 'em late, so didn't really have enough to bother with cleaning & such. Let a few dink LM go, and gave away a couple brim, at the dock. But I did go through a bag and a half of Baby rattlesnakes.

Funny thing was, as the LMs were biting good, there were finally shad busting all around me. Hmmm.... hybrids, or LM? I wound up catching a few more LM, and some more surprise perch. But I did give the Hybrids another 30-45mins of artificial, on my way out. Beautiful weather, with the lake being glass, in the evening.  

Same lake, same lures, same spot, but a very different day. I think some of it boiled down to me setting the hook a lot earlier. In stead of waiting for that huge bendo hookset, I just started setting smaller ones, as I felt interest. I'll figure this sweetwater stuff out, one of these days.

At least I solved the case of the mystery pepper. And, now that I'm on their beds, I'll be bringing the kids back, for an ass-whoopin!
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