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1996 22 foot Dargel

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120 horse Johnson v4 VRO centerconsole , fishfinder with GPS pole holders . Nice lake or bay boat ready to fish lots of power.

$3500 0r trade for bass boat with similiar value
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Jackplate? I've got some friends looking for a good shallow boat. You have pics?
It has a cmc powerlift the relays and the momentary switch is bad ill try and get some pics up soon
no it's not a tunnal hull
if you wanna get an idea of the boat just go to DARGELBOATS.COM look at the 210 fisherman series mt boat is identical little more wear and teSr
If your friend was interested would he have cash or trade
It would be cash, although I know he has a 18ft Sea Lion that he needs to get rid of.
i dont even know what a sea lion is . Really looking for a bass boat something smaller than the 21 foot monster
The whole idea was to get a boat that would run in less than 1ft of water. They have this 18ft Bay boat allready, but have never tested it in shallow water. They are going to test it this weekend and if it will draft then they decided to get a jack plate and Voilla. I think they are just looking for something smaller w/ a smaller motor to concerve gas.
unless they made some changes between 2000 and 1996 the 210 Fisherman is a tunnel hull. My buddy just got rid of his 2000 210 Fisherman that had a Johnson 175 on it because of operating expenses. Juke, I can tell you that the Fisherman, even though it is a big a$$ boat it will run in less than a foot of water. I have been back up in the marshes in the back of Trinity Bay in one and know we were in less than 12 inches of water, because we made a wrong turn into a dead end, and once we turned around (on plane) I looked back and there was nothing but prop wash...just mud, but the boat stayed on plane and we never got stuck...
mine is not a tunnel hull it a semi v hull very nice boat
Me and my dad have had it wide open in about 1 ft of water
lol.. I had my 18ft Ranger in 18" of water.. were on plane.. then we stopped.

We were pushing the boat in the middle of Lavaca Bay.. laugh.. was a sight to see :p

Sorry, had to interject that.
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