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1986 Champion Super V

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Guys and Gals,

I am selling my 1986 Champion Super V with an 2001 Evinrude 175. Boat will do 67 mph with a light load. Great handling and big water performance, same hull as the legendary 184. I am firm at 4k. Boat is in Dripping Springs. Can email pics on request. Thanks
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bump up with a pic and a sweet old school champ video, for those who dont know what a champ is all about...

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If anyone has the stones, we can do it when the weather is nice....
Nice boat, well worth that price. If it was around a couple years ago when I was looking I definitely would have looked at it. Good luck with the sale.
up one last time, someone needs this classic
Boat is sold 1-28-11, thanks for all the inquires. Please close posting.
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