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Hi folks, sorry to bust in like this, and yes, it's my first post with a for sale. I understand how forums are and all, and I know that I have no credibility with anyone on this board with this being my first post and all.

I posted an ad for my jonboat on craigslist and one of your members recommended that I post it over here, so here it is, cut & paste:

We're moving and I have a 14' flatbottom jonboat. The boat is about an '82 Ward and the engine is a '78 9.9 Johnson. The motor has a new coil pack, and a new spare waiting to be installed if you need it. Has consistently had 90 pounds of pressure in both cylinders the entire time I've owned it, never had any problems with it. I have a new impeller for it, even have the manual on CD.
Two tires two years old, bearing savers in each, kept lubed. Still have one of the old tires, good for a spare.

The boat is registered, trailer is, too, but they're both expired. The motor has never been registered (checked serno's with TXPW).

Lots of extras. Life jackets, air horn, portable fish finder/depth finder, spare 10 pitch prop, paddle, stem lights. I do not want to part it out.

It's really a great boat, has never let me down. Pull start, 2 stroke, no 12 volt batteries to deal with, simple to put in and take out and easily towed behind anything. I towed it hundreds of miles behind a 4 cyl. Ford Ranger and you don't even know it's there.

My email is [email protected], feel free to email me w/ any questions, and if you need character references to feel assured that I'm not a deadbeat and won't hose you over I can give you the url to a site where a lot of folks know me. My name's Skip.
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