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Hey guys, there's nothing better than watching a youngster land their biggest fish ever, much less their first. ;) Here's a nice 8lb2oz pig Kate caught tonight when I took her family out. She's 1 of triplets and they all had a good time catching their first ever fish. Started out pretty slow but as the sun went down the bass started slamming our baits. Down one stretch we were getting bit on darn near every cast. We were using mostly flukes and creature baits. Let's just say perch colors were a good choice. ;D When Kate caught this bass, it was the 5th one under 1 tree that was hanging out over the water. Nice. Kate didn't want to hold the fish so I talked her mom into it. 8) Can I put this in the Kinami Big Bass contest for her?


Awesome!! ;D I think I passed you guys out there yesterday up by Quinlan. I was in a silver/red Ranger. I took my father in law out to see if we could hang a big girl but only got a couple 3 pdrs... You guys were sitting in a spot where we were heading to... ;) That place always produces a couple keeps for me!

Great Fish!!!!!!!

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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