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OK- Here it is again. This is a repost of another thread at a new low price... (drum roll)..........

$1000 FIRM for ABF members. No negotiation. Craigs list sux, you only get freaks, tire kickers, and window shoppers... so this price will only be seen on this post. The original asking price for everything listed was $1600. Investment was over $2600.

Images available on original post found here.

This the breakdown of my investment into this thing:

Pelican 10'3'' Predator $800
Motorguide VariMax 55lb Saltwater Trolling Motor (top of the line) $429
10' Utility Trailer, plus carpeted deck added ($750), will throw in hand crank to load boat free but not installed yet
Two 700Amp Batts (about a year old, $175)
Schumaker Batt Charger ($50)
Lowrance Color Fish Finder Model 4x ($169)

Other mods include:
Raised seat posts for added comfort and less leg fatigue ($50)
PFD seat cushions, keeps you legal and soft on the tush ($25)
Added swivel rod holders (2) ($25)
Trolling motor foot switch, not installed yet but will throw in for free ($15)
Homemade shallow water anchor made from new trolling motor mount and 6' stainless steel tubing ($100 invested)
Battery quick releases
Added 50 AMP circuit Breaker

Other little details I thought would be cool:
All wiring completely concealed or very well managed
Added hinges for oars for those places that don't allow trolling motors
Extra drain plugs in case you want to use the livewell for storage (requires both ends to be plugged for extra dryness)

The bottom line is that I have well over $2600 invested in this set up, and apart from a few cosmetic scratches underneath and one ding on a corner from a rock, it's in awesome condition. It's perfect for pond fishing (like Brushy Creek), or taking out to smaller lakes like Inks and Lady Bird Lake. The 55lbs of thrust is awesome, and the variable speed controls let you take advantage of longer battery life. I opted for the higher end salt water version in case I wanted to do some marsh/inshore fishing, but never had a chance to try it out.

The utility trailer is just that. It has a 10' flat deck, so you can also use it as a handy-man special, to get lumber, firewood, etc. It is rated for 800lbs. I added 3/4'' plywood carpeted deck to be boat friendly, but still retain its usefulness as a utility trailer.

Title is clear an available for both the boat and trailer. Before anyone asks (again), you don't need a title for a trolling motor.

FAQ Answers (Based on my experiences with the last post):

1. Yes, it fits two fully geared, well fed men with no issues.
2. Not sure of the clearance in water. It depends on how much weight is in the boat, but I guess it is under 10 inches.
3. Yes, you can use this on ponds and small lakes that allow electric motors. It beats rowing.
4. Yes, you can add a gas motor, but none is offered in this ad. Up to 7HP, but I recommend smaller.
5. No, I won't trade for services, guns, gear, or time alone with your wife/gf.
6. The trolling motor uses variable speed controls which extends your battery life. This does not equate to "time" per se' per charge, but with the two batteries you can fish all day long. That's the best estimate I can give on "how long do the batteries last."
7. The boat is made of some space aged plastic that retains memory. If it dents or warps, a little time in the sun and it goes back to original form. Again, it's plastic, not fiber glass or aluminum. Think yak.
8. If you want to just kick the tires, please save both of us time and visit your local Academy. They sell them there and they have plenty you can look at. My schedule does not allow for multiple "viewings" each day.
9. Yes you can take this in salt water. But why would you want to? I planned to do some protected in-shore and marsh fishing, but never did. There's no chop in those waters but... My god, if you plan on going in rougher waters in salt water, I am not sure I want to meet you. This thing is NOT designed for big waves.
10. The boat is extremely stable as it has a flat bottom design. This is not a V hull, so in calm waters you can stand and fish with ease, but in rough water, every wave will hit hard.
11. And last but not least. You can mount the trolling motor on both the bow and transom. However, it is more stable, easier to steer, and much faster when mounted on the bow (front). If you mount it at the stern it is much less stable (remember this is an 50lb motor capable of moving 18'+ boats), so please don't envision yourself moving at break neck speed with a bubbling wake behind you. The reality will be much less dramatic, but a smooth, fast ride that is quiet and very fishing friendly (stealthy). In fact, if you stern mount this thing and turn 90 degrees sharp, you will likely roll the boat and everything on it. Please bow mount if you purchase.
12. No negotiation. I know I have said this multiple times. Price is firm, requests with offers lower than $1k will be ignored. But feel free to offer more if you prefer the auction type purchases. I don't mind one bit.

Thanks again ABFers! You guys are great. You deserve a great deal, so do yourself (and me) a favor and spend your well earned refund check on this great boat!!!!! PMs are welcome and I will be checking this post for any questions.

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I had this identical boat for about 6 yrs and can vouch for the fact that it CAN hold two grown men comfortably and it this type of boat is GREAT for getting off the bank. I caught lots of fish out of mine while fishing alone and with another person. If you want to get off the bank and get onto some fish, JUMP ON THIS BOAT!!!! The price is a GREAT price for everything he is throwing in.
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