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Hit the lake at 6:45 am to try to find new areas that I do not usually fish on the West side of the lake. Heard that some fish were beginning to get on beds. Tried west of the discharge and a place two coves nw of the discharge. No luck. Went to the trees east of Park Prairie and caught one on a fluke. By 9 I decided enough of that and hit the east end of the dam and the third boat ramp - nothing hit at the dam but did catch two off the grass at the old ramp. Moved north into the trees and began to get hits on a senko in 4 feet or less against trees. Caught two over 3 lbs and a dink. Floated around the cove to the next point and picked up two more in grass at 6 feet or so. Around 12:30 decided I had enough and on the way to Oak decided to try the trees on the west side of Oak - stopped about 75 yards short of the trees and began to drag a fluke and throw a RT - caught a 4 lber and missed two strikes on the RR - floated that bank five times and caught 8 fish all from 5 to 7 feet deep. Seemed to be hanging on the outside of the grass line and could not resist the fluke. Left at 2:30 but glad I stopped and tried a bank that I had never fished before!
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