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1-1-11 LBJ

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David called, we went to LBJ sat morning, it was slow, slow, slow dave caught 2 dinks,I missed 2 then caught a 5lb. No eggs yet!! Tough day no pics. It was fun though. ;)
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I am getting ready to move my boat to LBJ and HSB. Looking forward to seeing what LBJ has to offer? Going to give the fly rod and the conventional tackle a work out!
LBJ is solid, lots of big fish out there. The really nice thing about LBJ I found is, it has a little bit of everything (Docks, Lillypads,Brush piles, and reeds). Had pretty good luck with Flukes, Senkos, Spinnerbaits, and frogs.
I will be out there this weekend I hope to pull some of those big hogs that everyone was pulling out. :p
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