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  1. Black Bass Fishing Reports
    Heading into the first evening after the big full moon on Thursday night, my son and I put our kayak in at Austin High and headed West. We were trolling down the middle of the lake with a lure we had found up by Redbud Isle a few weeks earlier. Right at 8:00, things went bonkers like we have...
  2. Striped/Hybrid/White Bass Reports
    We hit the water at 7am fished until 10:30. Caught a dozen LMBs, 5 whites, 1 drum, and 3 Hybrids. Trolling crank spoon combos. Water temp. 94. For over 2 hours the fish were chasing the shad to the top all around us. Was pretty exciting seeing all the action. The LMBs are schooling as we...
  3. Tips and Techniques
    When trolling deep diving cranks it seems that braid will get your crank deeper, but has no stretch to absorb strikes. Mono stretches and absorbs these, but because of the thick diameter it will not dive as deep. I have been using Berkley big game 12lb for trolling and have done really well...
1-3 of 3 Results