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  1. Striped/Hybrid/White Bass Reports
    Went out with my brother along the islands and mile marker 2 around 10:30. Saw a guide boat leaving as we rolled up and thought that was a bad sign! We caught 8 or 9 all together, only 1 keeper Striper (7.3lb) and one White Bass. I have never caught so many Striper under 10 inches before...
  2. Black Bass Fishing Reports
    Of course, the one day me and my dad can go fishing, our go to lake is closed. We haven't been on lake Travis in a year or so, are there even any open ramps? Thanks
  3. Bank Fishing Reports
    Been a long time since I did any night fishing on Travis, especially with the water at current levels. Can anybody suggest a lit dock that would have some potential for some crappie and/or cats? Or other suggestions for some night fishing off Travis? I currently live in Brushy Creek area, so...
  4. Black Bass Fishing Reports
    A buddy of mine from Denver came down this weekend and we decided to go out on Travis Saturday morning. Fished sun up to around 10:30 AM. Visibility was only around 1 to 2 feet. I don't have a lot of bass fishing experience under my belt yet as I have only had my boat for a little over a year...
  5. Non-Boaters / Tournament Partner Finder
    Hey - I need some advice as the best way to get picked up on some tournament trips. I understand that anglers like will add a guy to the back seat as long as they chip in or pick up gas/entry fee/etc. How does this usually work and what's the best way to get some tournament fishing in? Thanks! MP
1-5 of 5 Results