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  1. Oh how I miss those good old days when…

    General Discussion Forum
    Fishing weekend bass tournaments was such a no stress pure fun event. Those were the catch, kill and fry those bass days. When fishermen and families ate the tournament catch after the weigh-in. When is the last time you went to a fishing tournament like this? Are any of you on the forum old...
  2. 49th Annual Bass-O-Ree March 11th, Lake Travis

    Tournament Information and Results
    Come fish the Capital Bass Club's 49th Annual BASS-O-REE at Lake Travis! $3500 top prize. $500 Big Bass. Only $130 entry and 1 week before TTZ! We have online registration this year! See for registration and details. As usual we will have great raffle prizes and free...
  3. Lake Travis Report for 6/10 KATS Tourney..

    Black Bass Fishing Reports
    I threw everything in the box to cull and caught 10 putting in at Cypress Creek Rd. ramp and generally stayed in that area all day. My best 2 fish were (18 & 14) throwing a Pumpkin 8 inch T-rig Yamo. Senko weightless. All the rest were on pumpkin and various greens wacky. My total inches caught...
  4. The University of Texas at Austin Open Team Tournament at Lake Austin

    Tournament Information and Results
    The University of Texas Open Team Tournament at Lake Austin - 11/20/16 University of Texas Bass Team Fundraising Tournament - Lake Austin • Location: Lake Austin • Date: Sunday, November 20th • Launch Time: Safe Light • Weigh In Time: 3pm • Launch: Loop 360 Boat Ramp (5019 Capital of Texas...
  5. Bud Light Trail - 2013 Austin Division - Lake Austin - 2/17/13

    Tournament Information and Results
    Hey Austin Anglers, We are very excited for our first tournament on Lake Austin this weekend! This is the second tournament in the 2013 Austin division (first was combined with the Belton-Waco division on Belton Lake). Each division has five tournaments. We pay back 80% at the ramp for...
  6. Need a backseat for a tournament?

    Non-Boaters / Tournament Partner Finder
    I'm looking to enter in a tournament somewhere around Austin (within an hour away) but have no boat. I know I'm not the ideal backseat as this would be my first tournament ever and I don't have that extensive a knowledge, but I'm sure there is someone out there who needs a backseat and would...
  7. New to tourney fishing - recomendations and best practices?

    Non-Boaters / Tournament Partner Finder
    Hey - I need some advice as the best way to get picked up on some tournament trips. I understand that anglers like will add a guy to the back seat as long as they chip in or pick up gas/entry fee/etc. How does this usually work and what's the best way to get some tournament fishing in? Thanks! MP