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  1. Help a Northerner

    Bank Fishing Reports
    Hey guys and gals, I will be coming down to Austin the second weekend of March and was wondering if I could get some ideas for places to bank fish. This will be my 3rd time in Austin. Previously I've fished all over Lady Bird (took a guide, fished from kayaks, and bank fished) and had pretty...
  2. Town Lake Lunkers

    Bank Fishing Reports
    Hello ABF, I'm new to the forum, and excited to learn and share. I thought it would be fun to share pics of lunkers caught in Town Lake (Lady Bird). Also, could be useful to share the tackle they were caught on, time and location. I caught this beauty Friday 8:00PM at the mouth of the barton...
  3. Lady Bird Lake (Town Lake) - Kayak Fishing

    Black Bass Fishing Reports
    Date: January 20, 2017 (Friday) Time: About 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm Weather: Mid-70s, partly cloudy, dropping barometric pressure according to Fishidy I rented a kayak and fished the afternoon. I caught and released three bass total, all around the 2 to 3 lb range. First two were long with large...
  4. Low Water Crossing HELP!

    Small Craft (kayaks, tubes, canoes)
    I don't know if it's just me and what I'm using and what techniques I'm using or it's the fact that the carp placed by the LCRA has eaten all the vegetation used by fish for bedding and food but fishing here at low water has been awful lately. Last 3 times I've been here on my kayak around 7:00...
  5. New to Austin and Bass Fishing

    Tips and Techniques
    Hello All! I am fairly new to Austin, just moved here in August from San Antonio to teach. I love to salt water fish and pretty much have been doing so all my life but now that I have the opportunity to do some freshwater fishing I am looking for tips. I am going out this Saturday and I am...
  6. Lake Marble Falls

    Tips and Techniques
    Hey guys- Got skunked on Lake Marble Falls two times in the past week- anyone had any luck there or have any pointers for the lake? I'm just starting to get my feet wet on fishing for bass and that's the closest lake to me- any direction would be appreciated.
  7. Tips for Granger?

    Tips and Techniques
    I'm planning on trying my luck at Granger for the first time on Sunday, and was looking to see if any of you had some quick tips for anything that is biting currently. Im mostly going after crappie though, and have read around on other threads about targeting the brushpiles, unfortunately I...
  8. New Blog Providing Fishing Reports for Central Texas: Beermaster's Classic

    Bank Fishing Reports
    Good Morning, I wanted to take a moment to introduce my new blog, Beermaster's Classic, to the forum. The Classic is comprised of a group of college friends who are now displaced across the country due to work, family, etc. The goal is to Bass fish every state in the union but the website...