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  1. How long of a leader? And what weight braid should the main line be?

    Fishing Tackle and Related Gear
    I have 2 7' quantum M rods. One is matched with an Abu Garcia SX40, the other with a Pflueger Trion 40, (both spinning reels) and I plan on spooling them with a braid. First question is what weight and brand of braid to use? Second question is I plan on using one as a Senko rig most of the time...
  2. Braid line on spinning reel

    Tips and Techniques
    I have a quick question about spooling braid on a spinning reel. I've looked on line but i'm getting different answers. Okay my question, When spooling braid on a spinning reel, do you have to spool backing first? do you always use a leader? How long? May sound like a stupid question but I...