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  1. Bank Fishing Reports
    Caught a nice maybe 3 pounder not too far from the 1660 bridge yesterday. I usually have to cast where it gets deep but she was right up on the shallows. Beautiful fish.. Good fighter. One of the first fish I've been able to catch after seeing it swim around in the water. Caught it on a small...
  2. Bank Fishing Reports
    So, this past weekend my fishing buddy his brother and I went down to the San Gabriel near Hutto and Taylor. We went to our normal spot under the bridge expecting to catch some dinks. Ended up being much better than that!! After wading down the river for about half a mile we started finding...
  3. Bank Fishing Reports
    Hi Y'all! (New to the forum) Does anyone have relatively current information on fishing conditions along the Blanco River (and other local waterways) in/near Wimberley, TX? I'll be staying at the 7A ranch for about 5 days, and I've never fished the area. I will be both fly and bait fishing...
1-3 of 3 Results