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  1. Black Bass Fishing Reports
    I threw everything in the box to cull and caught 10 putting in at Cypress Creek Rd. ramp and generally stayed in that area all day. My best 2 fish were (18 & 14) throwing a Pumpkin 8 inch T-rig Yamo. Senko weightless. All the rest were on pumpkin and various greens wacky. My total inches caught...
  2. Bank Fishing Reports
    Went out to Meadow Lake for the first time today around 1:30pm. Was a pretty little lake, and it looks like it has potential. unfortunately, all i had as actual bait was bread....which did nothing for me. Also, threw out couple zoom watermelon worms, but nothing. i don't know if you guys...
  3. Black Bass Fishing Reports
    Time: 7-11 a.m Sunday morning. Weather: fantastic in the shade. Nothing to complain about. Launched in over by Abel's and the hula ht. Went to some coves over by the right, and hooked a good one on a senko. Of course I lost it as soon as it hit the boat. Got a couple more good bites, and hooked...
1-3 of 3 Results