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  1. Mills Pond

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    Went to mills pond because it's so close to where I live. My first trip out, I caught a bass on a senko. Been back like 10 times, and no luck. Looking for other places similar for bank fishing? Yes, I know there is a's extremely incomplete/outdated. I'm speaking of this one here...
  2. Day of Bank Fishing new video!

    Bank Fishing Reports
    Hey everyone its AmericanPonder here I made a new video today of me fishing a farm pond I know! Please check it out and hopefully this series takes off. Please like and subscribe thanks everyone for viewing!
  3. The pond at Parmer and Allen pass

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    Hey there, i was wondering if anyone has ever fished this pond, i saw a couple of kids trying to fish over the tall weed on the bank, it looks like it would be a good bass pond