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  1. Non-Boaters / Tournament Partner Finder
    Hi, I have lived in Austin for about 2 years. I have fished all around town by land, but I am looking for anyone with a boat who needs a new fishing buddy. I will naturally split costs of running(gas, bait etc) and buy lunch or grill up our catch if you are down. I'm a pretty avid fisher and...
  2. Black Bass Fishing Reports
    I just bought a kayak so I've been wanting to try out town lake for a while. However, none of my friends have a kayak and I don't necessarily like fishing alone. So if somebody wants to meet me out there Sunday morning around 6:30 that would be awesome! -dason
  3. Non-Boaters / Tournament Partner Finder
    I've been fishing for years, though the majority of that was Louisiana Saltwater, but now am on the hunt for fresh water game fish. I can help out with daily fishing expenses (e.g., gas, launch, etc...). Weekends (in and outside of Austin area) and evenings (in Austin area) are good for me. Let...
1-3 of 3 Results