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  1. Small Craft (kayaks, tubes, canoes)
    Hello All, I was hoping to plan a kayak/canoe fishing trip this wknd with a good buddy of mine and wanted to canoe/kayak the pedernales from the pedernales/colorado confluence to the 71 bridge (perhaps a little further? and back). I haven't been able to find a kayak/canoe rental place that's...
  2. Striped/Hybrid/White Bass Reports
    Went to Lake Travis at Pale Face on Jan. 23 to test drive my boat and do a little fishing. I then took my boat to a mechanic the next day to have some work done and haven't seen the depth finder since. They had the boat for 10 days. It was dark when I loaded the boat and I can't remeber if I...
  3. Non-Boaters / Tournament Partner Finder
    Anyone fishing the morning of Memorial Day looking for some help with Gas? Wanting to fish for Bass, but who am I kidding, I'll fish for anything from a boat! Willing to split gas and bring a full cooler. If I can't secure a spot, any great spots on the south end of Travis to bank fish in...
1-3 of 3 Results