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  1. San Marcos/Austin/Hays-Travis County Bank Fishing Spots HELP!!

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    Hey everyone. I am a recent transplant from Raleigh, North Carolina. I am staying in San Marcos right by campus and I am looking to get back to fishing. I did a bunch of bank fishing back up in Raleigh and I was looking to get some advice on where to go around this area. Definitely need to be...
  2. A requested Must have Tackle list for bank fishing the banks of Austin.

    Bank Fishing Reports
    Hello, My name is Logan, I am new to the ABF forum as of tonight and have some questions for the bank fishermen out there. I recently am returning to fishing as my number one hobby after blowing out my knee has taken me off the bike for a while. Today i tried Mueller pond and the pond...
  3. Red Bug Catch 12/3

    Bank Fishing Reports
    Hey guys new member and somewhat new resident to Austin! This site is awesome! Message me if you ever want some fishing company! Was out by Red Bug yesterday and caught a handful of SM's. Biggest was 1.7 pounds. Been bank fishing all over since coming to Austin. Not too much luck yet...