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  1. Black Bass Fishing Reports
    Took my attwood nav lights off my johnboat and threw them on my yak (along with a red/uv floodlight) and headed down to town lake to for my first try at night fishing last night (7/31). I put in under the 35 bridge around 9:30pm and headed to the south shore. I worked my way east along the walk...
  2. Striped/Hybrid/White Bass Reports
    I have seen some huge carp on Lady Bird lake. I thought I may try to catch some sometime. Any pointers on catching carp on LBL?
  3. Tips and Techniques
    Hey folks- Has anyone had any luck near Longhorn dam on LBL? Area seemed promising, but went last night with shad cut bait and chicken hearts and had no luck with the catfish.
1-3 of 3 Results