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  1. Epic evening at Ladybird Lake 7-19-19

    Black Bass Fishing Reports
    Heading into the first evening after the big full moon on Thursday night, my son and I put our kayak in at Austin High and headed West. We were trolling down the middle of the lake with a lure we had found up by Redbud Isle a few weeks earlier. Right at 8:00, things went bonkers like we have...
  2. 6/21/2017 Mueller Pond Fishing- NEW PB Largemouth

    Bank Fishing Reports
    Hello all, I am new to this site, but not to fishing- I am mostly active on the FB group Keep Austin Fishing! and Fishbrain (with the username ntyler2092). I fished Mueller pond starting approximately 6:30-6:45pm and started fishing with a wacky rig- landed one fish that was just above 2lbs...
  3. Spawn in the Creeks

    Fly Fishing
    I have been to parts of bull creek near spicewood springs road and noticed that the LMB spawn is on and perch activity is heating up. Lots of hits on 2-4 inch baitfish imitations for bass. Small streamers, some dry flies, and some poppers for perch. Anyone else know of any other creeks spawning...
  4. Lady Bird Lake Bass Fishing

    Black Bass Fishing Reports
    Yesterday was my second time fishing Lady Bird Lake and I went out early with a friend of mine on a small inflatable fishing boat. The water was almost crystal clear and was relatively warm. We ended pulling in 4 decent sized LMB in to the boat. I pulled in 2 using a Texas rigged red and black...
  5. LA Rookies need some help please

    Black Bass Fishing Reports
    We are headed out on Saturday morning August 2nd. Plan to launch between 6 and 630am. Would love some feedback on best place to head to find some fish, and what you all would suggest we use. Loaded up already with some watermelon Senko's from reading past posts on here. What other advice on...
  6. Bass fishing in the rain? Yes or no?

    Tips and Techniques
    As we all are right about now, I'm more than ready for our warmer months. Recently I've been thinking about all of the bass fishing i did during the crazy storms last summer. I remember hearing my buddy saying that the bass, well fish in general, tend to bite a bit harder when it rains. I...
  7. Barton Springs fish photos

    Bank Fishing Reports
    I went snorkeling in Barton Springs the other night (Free Hour for the win!) and brought a cheapie underwater point-and-shoot camera. I was pretty impressed with the number of keeper-size fish in there. See photos below. --mtf
  8. Lake Busecher Fishing Report

    Bank Fishing Reports
    We headed out to Lake Buescher this morning to fish and found bass feeding agressively on bait fish along the spillway bank. We caught one Largemouth bass on a neon green and orange spinner bait and a channel catfish on a crankbait. Rangers said that fishing has been great the last few weeks...
  9. OSP and Lake Austin

    Bank Fishing Reports
    Caught a nice sized bass at OSP. Drove all the way up to round rock just to test the place out. Who ever was warning about the mud was not kidding. I fell knee deep into the dirt. I first threw a yellow 3/8 oz spinner bait with 2 silver willows and caught a 14 inch bass. Sent it back into the...