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  1. 49th Annual Bass-O-Ree March 11th, Lake Travis

    Tournament Information and Results
    Come fish the Capital Bass Club's 49th Annual BASS-O-REE at Lake Travis! $3500 top prize. $500 Big Bass. Only $130 entry and 1 week before TTZ! We have online registration this year! See for registration and details. As usual we will have great raffle prizes and free...
  2. Lake Travis Report for 6/10 KATS Tourney..

    Black Bass Fishing Reports
    I threw everything in the box to cull and caught 10 putting in at Cypress Creek Rd. ramp and generally stayed in that area all day. My best 2 fish were (18 & 14) throwing a Pumpkin 8 inch T-rig Yamo. Senko weightless. All the rest were on pumpkin and various greens wacky. My total inches caught...
  3. Fishing lake Travis tomorrow morning the 3rd

    Non-Boaters / Tournament Partner Finder
    I'll be out on lake Travis tomorrow morning the 3rd. Have to be off the lake by two. I may have another person fishing but 3 people can fish on my boat comfortably. If you're interested call 8 one 8, three 2 four, 7 zero 8 zero Thanks! PS, if anyone is interested in fishing ttz and needs a...
  4. Kayak Rental Near Pedernales/Colorado Confluence

    Small Craft (kayaks, tubes, canoes)
    Hello All, I was hoping to plan a kayak/canoe fishing trip this wknd with a good buddy of mine and wanted to canoe/kayak the pedernales from the pedernales/colorado confluence to the 71 bridge (perhaps a little further? and back). I haven't been able to find a kayak/canoe rental place that's...
  5. Big Pontoon Boat - Lake Travis Ramp/Launch Question

    Tips and Techniques
    Hello everyone. I have a 30ft pontoon that I would like to launch on Travis this weekend to take the kids out for some white bass fishing. I always launched at Dink before off the shore, but I have not been out there in a few months. Anyone been by Dink lately who can tell me what kind of...
  6. Help... Lost Lowerance LMS-337C Depth finder

    Striped/Hybrid/White Bass Reports
    Went to Lake Travis at Pale Face on Jan. 23 to test drive my boat and do a little fishing. I then took my boat to a mechanic the next day to have some work done and haven't seen the depth finder since. They had the boat for 10 days. It was dark when I loaded the boat and I can't remeber if I...
  7. Lake Travis White Bass Fishing

    Striped/Hybrid/White Bass Reports
    Went out with Jack Waldrop Jr. white bass fishing. A+ experience, good to take the kids.
  8. please confirm/correct my plan - catfishing

    Tips and Techniques
    I plan to go catfishing tomorrow night on lake travis. If anyone knows where sandy creek is thats where I will be. Right off the bank it is a steady drop off for about 30 feet then it hits drops off a ledge I believe. My plan was to fish here with a 3/4 oz weight on the bottom and a size 1...
  9. Lt 10/1

    Black Bass Fishing Reports
    Went out on Travis with a buddy on Saturday evening from 4:30 to sundown. Launched at Dink without any problems. We fished the coves across the lake point that Point Venture is on. Caught 7 total all on T-rigged watermelon green baby brushed hogs in 5-10 FOW. All bass were also caught in the...
  10. Looking for backseat Memorial Day on Lake Travis

    Non-Boaters / Tournament Partner Finder
    Anyone fishing the morning of Memorial Day looking for some help with Gas? Wanting to fish for Bass, but who am I kidding, I'll fish for anything from a boat! Willing to split gas and bring a full cooler. If I can't secure a spot, any great spots on the south end of Travis to bank fish in...
  11. Lake Travis Update?

    Black Bass Fishing Reports
    I used to live in Austin and fished Travis a lot, but moved to Houston in 1998. I'll be visiting and staying with a friend at Point Venture. It appears from what I have read that the Jonestown ramp is about my only option on the North side of the lake. True? Also, I would appreciate any info...