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lady bird

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  1. Tips and Techniques
    I was looking to do some kayak fishing this weekend and was going to either try out lady bird or Decker (Walter E. Long). Could someone offer me some advice about which would be a better option right now to fish? Also. Are there any identifiable spots on either lake to do some bed/sight fishing...
  2. Bank Fishing Reports
    Went out to Lady Bird with my good bud Bradley. I was a bit overcast and very windy. We hit the banks from the old power plant (north shore) down to under Lamar bridge. Threw: swim jig with plastic chunk; senkos triged; spinners; and swimbait. Nothing happening and made one more stop at the old...
  3. Black Bass Fishing Reports
    Got out to Lady Bird at 9am with my fishing buddy Jon. Temp outside was 45 degrees and hit the water under the Lamar bridge and worked quite a ways down... threw some senkos and crank bait. Saw nothing and had no bites. Walked back and on the way spotted a nice 6 or 7 lb fatty under the...
  4. Bank Fishing Reports
    I got out there just after 4AM. The water seemed to be clearing up from before with the thunderstorms. I didn't get much action out there while it was dark or even twilight. This gar snapped at my lure as it went past and he got his big dumb mouth all wrapped up in the line. He didn't even end...
1-4 of 5 Results