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  1. Lady Bird Water Condidtions

    Black Bass Fishing Reports
    Hey Y'all, I'll be flying into Austin from March 8th to the 11th and I'm trying to get a box together to come down. I was hoping to maybe get an update on the water conditions of Lady Bird. I know that Texas has been having some flooding and I just hoped to get an update on water clarity...
  2. Help a Northerner

    Bank Fishing Reports
    Hey guys and gals, I will be coming down to Austin the second weekend of March and was wondering if I could get some ideas for places to bank fish. This will be my 3rd time in Austin. Previously I've fished all over Lady Bird (took a guide, fished from kayaks, and bank fished) and had pretty...
  3. looking for spots in austin

    Tips and Techniques
    Hey all, I'm new to this forum as well as bass fishing. Haven't been fishing in a decade and even then it was with my dad... I have all my gear but not sure of any good spots around town ideal for bass fishing. I don't have a boat, just looking to be able to park the car and walk for a bit. This...
  4. Lady Bird Lake (Town Lake) - Kayak Fishing

    Black Bass Fishing Reports
    Date: January 20, 2017 (Friday) Time: About 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm Weather: Mid-70s, partly cloudy, dropping barometric pressure according to Fishidy I rented a kayak and fished the afternoon. I caught and released three bass total, all around the 2 to 3 lb range. First two were long with large...
  5. Night and Day - Spots to Know

    Black Bass Fishing Reports
    Just moved to Austin and am getting into fishing. Have my gear, but don't really know the spots. Until I get my yak, I'm looking for some bank fishing tips along Town Lake/Lady Bird as I live downtown. I've hit up Red Bud a couple times (decent) and have been shut out along Barton Creek numerous...
  6. LadyBird Lake

    Black Bass Fishing Reports
    Anyone been out on LBL today since they lifted the watercraft ban? How is the debris and clarity? We are supposed to go out tomorrow and I cant tell if its a good idea yet Nate
  7. Lady Bird Lake Bass Fishing

    Black Bass Fishing Reports
    Yesterday was my second time fishing Lady Bird Lake and I went out early with a friend of mine on a small inflatable fishing boat. The water was almost crystal clear and was relatively warm. We ended pulling in 4 decent sized LMB in to the boat. I pulled in 2 using a Texas rigged red and black...
  8. Red Bud Isle this Sat 9-6

    Bank Fishing Reports
    I am taking the wife out for some more experience doing some fishing, and we are bringing the pups for some play time afterwards. Planning on spending the day on LBL so figured Red Bud Isle was a good spot to try. Anyone having any luck around the bank there lately? If so, Senko's and Spinner...
  9. Night Fishing on Town Lake

    Black Bass Fishing Reports
    Took my attwood nav lights off my johnboat and threw them on my yak (along with a red/uv floodlight) and headed down to town lake to for my first try at night fishing last night (7/31). I put in under the 35 bridge around 9:30pm and headed to the south shore. I worked my way east along the walk...
  10. Lbl 12/26

    Black Bass Fishing Reports
    Got out to Lady Bird at 9am with my fishing buddy Jon. Temp outside was 45 degrees and hit the water under the Lamar bridge and worked quite a ways down... threw some senkos and crank bait. Saw nothing and had no bites. Walked back and on the way spotted a nice 6 or 7 lb fatty under the...