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  1. Black Bass Fishing Reports
    Heading into the first evening after the big full moon on Thursday night, my son and I put our kayak in at Austin High and headed West. We were trolling down the middle of the lake with a lure we had found up by Redbud Isle a few weeks earlier. Right at 8:00, things went bonkers like we have...
  2. Vendor Deals
    Stable standing or sitting. Bow and stern skirt, new rudder package, seat riser, carbon BB paddle, extend a hitch, anchor trolley, anchor, seattle sports fat boy. Ready to fish! $1300 SOLD
  3. Tips and Techniques
    Grew up fishing for blacks with my Dad in Arkansas during the summers. Some days when the fishing was slow, my dad would always talk about the monsters he could catch during the spawn in the winter. Since I only got to go down during the summer, I have never fished a spawn. Now while my stint...
  4. Small Craft (kayaks, tubes, canoes)
    I am considering getting a fishing kayak, but before I invest the money for one I would like to see how much I enjoy it. Is there any place I can rent one?
  5. Small Craft (kayaks, tubes, canoes)
    Anyone have any suggestions on small ponds/small lakes around the austin area mainly north since i live in Cedar Park. Thanks!
  6. Small Craft (kayaks, tubes, canoes)
    Hey ABF members & guests, Time to fish for some cash starting next month. MOC Kayaks and other tournament directors are putting on 4 tournaments for 2013. Capital City Kayak Fishing Tournament Series (CCKFTS) is all about deregulation, no point systems or dropping lakes. Each tournament date...
1-6 of 6 Results