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  1. Lake Buchanan Striper fishing newbie

    Striped/Hybrid/White Bass Reports
    I will be on lake buchanan with some friends next weekend (10/22) in my fishing boat, never really fished the lake, im looking for any helpful pointers on techniques or locations (i dont need any secrete spots, just something that will put a few fish in the boat). I normally fish out at rockport...
  2. Decker 1-21-2017

    Striped/Hybrid/White Bass Reports
    When out in my dingy at 5pm for some twilight fishing, since there was hardly any wind. Pitched worms into the sticks for a while, got nothing. I did hear bass way back in the reeds jumping. For some reason they seemed to be laying deep in thick cover. There were some other boats doing the same...
  3. Save Decker

    Bass Fishing News
    Austin's new drought response plan - | KTBC Fox 7 | News, Weather, Sports Austin looks to convert Walter E Long to off channel storage. Water...
  4. Decker 8/12

    Striped/Hybrid/White Bass Reports
    We hit the water at 7am fished until 10:30. Caught a dozen LMBs, 5 whites, 1 drum, and 3 Hybrids. Trolling crank spoon combos. Water temp. 94. For over 2 hours the fish were chasing the shad to the top all around us. Was pretty exciting seeing all the action. The LMBs are schooling as we...
  5. RIchland Chambers

    Striped/Hybrid/White Bass Reports
    Howdy all, What a day of fishing. My first time on the huge lake. It was a beautiful lake with plenty of space to fish and plenty of fish to fill cooler space. It was my brother, Jay's, birthday. We started off around 9 jigging slabs in about 30 ft. water. Not much happening for a few minutes...