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  1. Brushy creek near hutto and Taylor...

    Bank Fishing Reports
    Took the john boat for a couple miles down brush creek. Usually just catch panfish but the bass were biting my improvised 3" senko (just trimmed the tail a bit)... Overall we caught like 10-12 bass with these being the biggest two. John boat held up well considering it has like 4 patches in it, lol
  2. Hutto Lake Park -good day on the bank-!!

    Bank Fishing Reports
    Went out to Hutto lake park w my buddy Cameron. Took advantage of the gorgeous weather that passed through this evening. Wasn't expecting to catch much, then landed this monster (for Hutto lake)! Weighed in at 3 lbs 11 ozs. Fought hard!! Caught another dink but this was definitely the highlight...
  3. How did you guys get *better* at fishing?

    Black Bass Fishing Reports
    I've been fishing my whole life, I'm 17 now and it's safe to say I'm a "good" fisherman. I've learned how to use most baits, finally got used to the baitcaster I have, and do am usually able to catch a fish or two when I venture out with my friends. However, I see pictures of you guys hauling in...
  4. Hutto Lake Park 5/20/13

    Bank Fishing Reports
    Went to Hutto Lake Park over by my house after school around 630. After about an hour, I landed this respectable bass off some reeds! First time using a swim bait too, glad I did because seems to be a good bait.