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  1. Bank Fishing Reports
    Took the john boat for a couple miles down brush creek. Usually just catch panfish but the bass were biting my improvised 3" senko (just trimmed the tail a bit)... Overall we caught like 10-12 bass with these being the biggest two. John boat held up well considering it has like 4 patches in it, lol
  2. Bank Fishing Reports
    Went out to Hutto lake park w my buddy Cameron. Took advantage of the gorgeous weather that passed through this evening. Wasn't expecting to catch much, then landed this monster (for Hutto lake)! Weighed in at 3 lbs 11 ozs. Fought hard!! Caught another dink but this was definitely the highlight...
  3. Black Bass Fishing Reports
    I've been fishing my whole life, I'm 17 now and it's safe to say I'm a "good" fisherman. I've learned how to use most baits, finally got used to the baitcaster I have, and do am usually able to catch a fish or two when I venture out with my friends. However, I see pictures of you guys hauling in...
  4. Bank Fishing Reports
    Went to Hutto Lake Park over by my house after school around 630. After about an hour, I landed this respectable bass off some reeds! First time using a swim bait too, glad I did because seems to be a good bait.
1-4 of 4 Results