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  1. Vendor Deals
    898 probably used 25 times and is still on the boat. Looks good and nothing is defective. $500......
  2. For Sale (Boats/Tackle/Etc)
    I have a Nib humminbird onox8 ci combo for sale. $1300 Feel free to message for any further info, can send pics upon request
  3. For Sale (Boats/Tackle/Etc)
    For Sale - Humminbird 581i Combo GPS - SOLD Enjoy dual benefits of a sonar fishfinder and GPS locator with the Humminbird Fishfinder 581i Combo GPS. The Humminbird fish finder comes with a very high resolution, 16-level grayscale 5-inch screen that finely displays target tracking and track...
  4. Fishing Tackle and Related Gear
    Hey all - we just bought a Humminbird 998c SI fishfinder (and are SUPER excited about it, by the way!!!). Have yet to use it, but are hoping the weather holds up so we can go out this weekend. Now that we have it, we are trying to get an idea of general opinions on which maps to buy for it...
  5. Fishing Tackle and Related Gear
    I went fishing with a buddy of mine on Fayette the other day who loves to fish sunken pond DAMs. Fayette has about 15 sunken ponds, many of which are difficult to find and stay on top of. This time he pulled out an SD card that he created that contained a track for every sunken pond DAM. A...
  6. Fishing Tackle and Related Gear
    I can't seem to find a Lake Fayette digital map for Humminbird that shows creek channels, roadbeds, submerged ponds, etc. The Navionics gold, premium, platinum, etc. just shows contour lines for all lakes - not just Fayette. This is a big limitation. Lake Master doesn't seem to have a map for...
  7. Fishing Tackle and Related Gear
    I ordered a Humminbird 798ci HD SI at this weekend. Was skeptical they had it at $200 off what everyone else was selling it for. Didn't think they'd have it in stock, but they sent it out first business day and I am expecting it on Thursday. So I'm getting side imaging...
1-7 of 7 Results