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  1. Whites - San Gabriel - Granger

    Striped/Hybrid/White Bass Reports
    Does anyone have any info or suggestions for catching whites on the San Gabriel out in Granger? I live in Austin and my buddy wants to go out there tomorrow... Thanks in advance :)
  2. Granger with a 7 year old

    Tips and Techniques
    Thinking of taking my 7y/o up to Granger this weekend. I have a Jon boat with a 20 hp and trolling motor. Any advice on where and with what to catch some bass? Am not opposed to stumbling on some whites either. Thanks in advance!
  3. Tips for Granger?

    Tips and Techniques
    I'm planning on trying my luck at Granger for the first time on Sunday, and was looking to see if any of you had some quick tips for anything that is biting currently. Im mostly going after crappie though, and have read around on other threads about targeting the brushpiles, unfortunately I...