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    White Marlin fishing. Fishing Charters in Punta Cana. Deep sea fishing with Big Marlin Charters
  2. Fishing report from Punta Cana

    General Discussion Forum
    Fishing October report from Punta Cana. Today is on the 24 of October. Not too sunny but no rain and that is already good. The ocean conditions are very comfortable. Waives and wind just perfect for deep-sea fishing. So we will see what we will have today. My fishing company for today is a...
  3. Fishing report from Dominican Reublic

    Coastal Reports
    Hey dear friend. Today was not the best weather in the Dominican Republic but still, we had successful fishing in Punta Cana. Waives were bigger then we would like but it was not a big problem for our catch. So let me start from the beginning. Our new friend from US arrived at the marina Punta...
  4. Fishing report from Dominican Reublic Punta Cana

    Bank Fishing Reports
    It was another perfect September fishing day. According to that only yesterday on of the medium-strength storm passed Dominican Republic today the ocean looked quite calm and we decided why should not we try))) Well tell you honestly I love to do trolling after a storm period because usually...
  5. Fishing report from Dominican Reublic

    General Discussion Forum
    Our first fishing in October! 1 of October and it was raining from 4 am without stopping. I was standing on the parking of Marina Punta Cana and thinking should I cancel the fishing because f the weather or should we try to go in the ocean. It was raining already for a second or third day in a...
  6. Lady Bird Water Condidtions

    Black Bass Fishing Reports
    Hey Y'all, I'll be flying into Austin from March 8th to the 11th and I'm trying to get a box together to come down. I was hoping to maybe get an update on the water conditions of Lady Bird. I know that Texas has been having some flooding and I just hoped to get an update on water clarity...
  7. Crappie fishing in VA

    Fishing Tackle and Related Gear
    I started kayak fishing & I was going to try some crappie fishing in the Yorktown VA area. I think Black crappie seem to be the most abundant which I'm going to plan. I was going to just go with live minnows. Any other suggestions or tips ?
  8. Save Snagged Lures - Tasun Lure Retriever

    General Discussion Forum
    Tasun lure retriever. [ATTACH=CONFIG]25057[/ATTACH Designed to retrieve snagged lures from heavy cover. Don't be afraid to go for the big one anymore! The Tasun lure retrievers simple and user friendly design is what sets it apart from other...
  9. Looking for a bank-fishing spot near San Marcos/Wimberly/New Braunfels....

    Bank Fishing Reports
    My cabinets are getting redone tomorrow, so I am gonna have a lot of free time on my hands. I'm looking for a bank fishing spot on a river where I can cover a lot of ground on foot searching for bass. Examples of the sort of place I'm talking about: Stokes Park in San Marcos, Blue Hole Park in...
  10. Fishing lake Travis tomorrow morning the 3rd

    Non-Boaters / Tournament Partner Finder
    I'll be out on lake Travis tomorrow morning the 3rd. Have to be off the lake by two. I may have another person fishing but 3 people can fish on my boat comfortably. If you're interested call 8 one 8, three 2 four, 7 zero 8 zero Thanks! PS, if anyone is interested in fishing ttz and needs a...
  11. Fishing tours cancun

    Fishing tours cancun

    Fishing tours cancun Travel to the famous reefs off Cancun (outside the National Park of course) for some Day or Night Fishing. Aboard our 55 foot boat you will get the chance to catch Snapper, Grouper, Hogfish, Mackerel and more.
  12. WTB: Diablo Adios

    For Sale (Boats/Tackle/Etc)
    Have a friend looking to buy, thought I'd post here to make sure no one is sitting on one they'd like to sell. email: [email protected] Thanks.
  13. What's up with the SUP?

    Small Craft (kayaks, tubes, canoes)
    Been thinking about getting a SUP to get out on the water more without the song and dance of trailering my boat. I imagine myself paddling in the early am listening to the birds chirping and the butterflies swarming around me as I get some exercise and unwind. But before long I think about...
  14. Padre Island Nation Seashore Report June 3rd

    Coastal Reports
    Big Shell/PINS Trip June 3rd 2015 Well we headed out to PINS Wednesday evening. Hit the beach at 10pm right around low tide. Driving conditions were the best I have seen in some time. Most of the entire beach was packed down making driving at low tide not necessary. Friday morning was calm with...
  15. King Mack Attack

    Coastal Reports
    Some Footage of one of my buddy's catching a King Mackerel from last year. Enjoy
  16. Perfect Tournament Winning Redfish!

    Coastal Reports
    Amazing Catch! Too bad we were not in a tournament! what do you guys think?
  17. Day of Bank Fishing new video!

    Bank Fishing Reports
    Hey everyone its AmericanPonder here I made a new video today of me fishing a farm pond I know! Please check it out and hopefully this series takes off. Please like and subscribe thanks everyone for viewing!
  18. Lake Bastrop North Vs. South Shore

    Tips and Techniques
    Which do you like better? No need for specific fishing spots unless your inclined to share. I will be fishing lake Bastrop in a couple of weeks for the first time. I am just wondering if people prefer north or south shore... is one more populated with families swimming and such? Thanks for the...
  19. lake austin winter fishing

    Black Bass Fishing Reports
    my boat has been in the shop for the past month or so. Whats changed on lake austin since the weather has been so cold. Whats been working for yall?
  20. Port Mansfield July 13th

    Coastal Reports
    Had a nice trip out to port Mansfield again! Got a nice king on the Kayak. Great trip and the weather was perfect. King on the Kayak, Extreme Kayak Fishing Port Mansfield, Texas Jetties - YouTube